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Urgent Care

We recognize that mental health crises can arise at any moment and in any location. We are committed to offering prompt aid and assistance to those facing mental health challenges.

Meridian Health Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

How to know when to seek services with Meridian Health

Go to Meridian Health Urgent Care if:

1. You are having difficult in functioning or being unable to function (e.g., it’s hard to get out of bed, go to work, or do daily tasks)

2. You are having challenges or an inability to take care of your hygiene, such as brushing your teeth, changing clothes, and bathing

3. You are experiencing intense or sudden changes in mood

4. You are feeling increasingly agitated, or angry

5. You are isolating or withdrawing from others

6. Stressed or overwhelmed

7. Anxious

8. Panicky

9. Unable to cope

Go To The Emergency Room if:

1. You are experiencing bodily injuries, chest pain, or difficulty breathing, you should go to an emergency room for medical care

2. Suicidal intent, plan, means or severe self-harm

3. Homicidal ideation or tendencies

4. Violent agitation

5. Psychosis

6. Stupor or catatonia

7. Delirium

8. Substance intoxication or withdrawal symptoms

What to Expect During Your Visit

During a mental health urgent care visit you will receive an initial assessment, intervention and treatment specific to your individual needs. A mental health provider will listen and advise on the best way to receive treatment depending on what the client is going through.


The cost of Mental Health Urgent Care services is set by your health insurance, and we accept many major plans. In the days following your appointment, we will verify your benefits with your insurance company and bill them for the services you received.
  • Most commercial health insurance plans will at least partially cover the cost of mental health services.
  • If you don’t have health insurance, you can choose to pay out of pocket.
  • All appointments are capped at $300.