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Relational Counseling

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Relational Counseling

Most relationships start off with passion, love, and intimacy. Over time, issues tend to emerge. We lose feelings of closeness. We criticize, argue, and get angry. At times, we experience infidelity and other breaches in trust. We begin to question the relationship and wonder if we can continue.

Some of the most common signs of an unhealthy relationship include:

– Frequent arguing or fighting
– Difficulty solving problems together
– Issues with (or lack of) intimacy
– Cheating, lying, or hiding things from one another
– Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)
– Frequent criticism and negativity
– Mistrust or anxiety about privacy
– Difficulty with family issues  (e.g., childrearing)
– Loss of enjoyment and satisfaction

Many of these issues are rooted in problematic, even destructive relational patterns. One person gets angry, and the other pulls away. One person tries to change or “fix” their partner, not realizing that they themselves need to adapt and grow. Needs go unmet, and the relationship becomes a source of stress rather than support.

Many relationships can heal. If your relationship has become unhealthy or dysfunctional, couples’ therapy is the first line of treatment in a safe and welcoming environment. Relational therapy doesn’t always have to be due to dysfunctional relational issues. We also do maintenance relationship therapy to allow couples to continue healthy communication and continued growth within the relationship.

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