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Family Counseling

family counseling

Family Counseling

When a family finds itself in conflict or struggling to connect, family members may start to withdraw or argue instead of effectively communicating to address issues. Family counseling supports families in managing conflict, improving communication, building healthy boundaries, and establishing fulfilling relationships. Your family can begin to heal broken relationships, stop arguments, and restore feelings of connection with one another. When healing and change begins, you and your family will start to feel heard, understood, loved, and united.

What to expect: When you come into Meridian Health for family counseling, the first session will be with the whole family together. However, after this we will often see the family in multiple configurations. This means that during any one session we might work with the whole family together, the parents alone, the children alone, one member individually, or various other configurations. Doing this allows our therapists to address the needs of all the unique relationships within the family structure and identify the best approach to support your family in creating lasting change.

Family counseling supports family’s by:

– Decreasing conflict
– Defining roles and family expectations
– Establishing connection between members
– Identifying positive coping strategies
– Improving ways to work together
– Increasing and improving communication
– Rebuilding trust
– Setting boundaries

We are here to guide, support, and empower you on your journey toward mental and emotional well-being. Your story is unique, and we are committed to helping you find the healing and growth you seek.